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What Are Implant Dentures? Today’s Dentistry Answers

Published by Dr. Darius Arlauskas

Are you or a loved one considering implant dentures but feeling overwhelmed and uncertain about where to begin?

Seeking treatment for implant dentures can be both exciting and anxiety-provoking, as it involves a significant investment of time and money, and choosing the right provider is crucial for your entire journey. To help you make informed decisions, our team with Today’s Dentistry will clarify different aspects related to implant dentures.

Regular dentures often come with common complaints such as discomfort, moving around while eating, and sore gums. Implant dentures can address these issues effectively, but not all implant denture treatments are the same. Different types have their advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice for you depends on several patient-related factors, including the amount of available bone, lip support needed, grinding habits, cosmetic preferences, and whether you prefer a removable or permanent solution.

3D Illustration of Implant Supportable Dentures

Implant dentures are prosthetic appliances that replace a full arch of missing teeth, using implants for retention and support. Retention refers to how well the dentures stay in place, while support measures their resistance to biting forces. Regular dentures rely on gums and jawbone for retention and support, which is less ideal, especially for lower jaw dentures that can be problematic and cause discomfort.

There are two main types of implant dentures:

  • Overdentures: These are similar to regular dentures but “snap-in” to implants for improved retention. Overdentures, also known as removable dentures, may still apply some pressure to the gums.
  • Fixed Dentures: Also known as “Permanent Dentures,” “Fixed Bridges,” “Teeth in a day,” “All on six,” or “All-on-Four,” these conventional dentures are directly connected to implants and are not removable. Because they are attached to the implants and have a slim profile, they do not cover the gums and provide excellent stability for smiling, eating, and speaking.

The 2 Versus 4 Overdentures

The 2-Implant Overdenture: This option involves placing two prosthetic teeth implants in the anterior region of the lower jaw. A regular denture is then designed to “snap in after the patient completes a healing period. This treatment option offers better retention but does not significantly improve biting force or relieve a sore gum line. It is only done for the lower jaw bone to give the patient’s traditional dentures more support.

The 4 or more Implant Overdenture: Similar to the 2-implant overdenture, but with more implants, this option provides an additional bite force and still relies on covering a large surface area of your gums for support. This treatment is available for both upper and lower jaws, and can significantly improve a patient’s quality of life if they’re looking to replace their missing teeth.

Excellent Options For Your Oral Health

Fixed implant-supported dentures are an excellent option that closely resembles natural teeth, offering the advantage of permanent attachment to dental implants. They eliminate the need for nightly removal, can be brushed like natural teeth, and offer support to the mouth’s surrounding bones. although cleaning the area where the restoration meets the gums requires attention.

While they can be more challenging to repair and clean compared to other options, a fixed implant-supported denture is very stable and provides excellent biting force.

In conclusion, it’s important to carefully consider your individual needs and preferences, along with the guidance of your dentist, when choosing the right implant denture treatment for you. Being well-informed will help you make decisions that will lead to lasting satisfaction with your treatment for years to come.

Discover The Best Type Of Denture For Your Lifestyle

At Today’s Dentistry, we offer a variety of modern yet affordable options to repair your smile. Request an appointment with one of our dentists today to see if you qualify for implant-supported dentures.

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