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Finally, you can achieve the straight smile you’ve been dreaming about without using traditional braces. Get a beautiful smile without worrying about dietary restrictions or stained teeth once the brackets and metal wires are removed. If you’re considered to be a good candidate for Invisalign®, braces don’t have to be considered and this orthodontic treatment can finally give you the beautifully straight smile you desire.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign® is a set of clear removable aligners that are worn over the teeth. These aligners can be removed to allow you to eat, brush, and floss normally. Invisalign® is comfortable, convenient, and easy to use.

Invisalign Vancouver, WA

Teeth that are crowded, gapped, or misaligned are more difficult to clean. Over time, this can lead to increased risks of tooth decay and gum disease. Crowded and misaligned teeth are also more prone to crack and wear. Straightening with Invisalign® can protect against these issues.

Additionally, opting for an Invisalign treatment over traditional braces means that your aligners are virtually invisible in social settings. You won’t have to worry about significant speech adjustments or smiling with a mouthful of metal. Subtly move your teeth without worrying about hiding your smile.

Your Invisalign Treatment Plan

Invisalign® is a non-invasive, aesthetic treatment option for straightening your teeth. If your teeth are crowded, gapped, or misaligned, Invisalign® can give you a healthier, more beautiful smile as long as you’re eligible for this type of treatment.

Once you’ve decided you’re ready to try Invisalign, schedule your consultation with Dr. Barber and Dr. Arlauskas. They will determine if you are a good candidate for using Invisalign®.

A 3D model is created of your teeth using computer imaging technology that is used to design the steps of your individualized treatment plan. With this model, you can see what your teeth will look like after your orthodontic care plan is complete.

Follow-Up Appointments & Expectations

Invisalign® aligners are custom-fabricated for your teeth. About every two to four weeks, you will change to a new, slightly straighter aligner.

Patients often experience less pain, discomfort, and mouth sores than patients with traditional metal braces. Invisalign® also has a lower risk of plaque buildup during treatment since you can remove aligners for proper brushing and flossing. If you experience any significant pain or difficulties with Invisalign outside of what’s expected throughout this process, our practice is always ready to make adjustments to meet your needs and smile goals.

Discover Our Invisalign Dentists In Vancouver, WA

At Today’s Dentistry in Vancouver, Washington, we can help you achieve a beautiful, healthy smile with Invisalign®. We also offer payment options and take several insurance plans for our general and cosmetic dentistry services. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Barber and Dr. Arlauskas, contact our office.

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