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Ortho Screenings

Our team will perform an orthodontic screening as part of your routine dental cleaning and check-up appointment. Moreover, orthodontic screenings are not only for children, but also for adults. Those adults that have never been treated with orthodontics previously, or that are currently suffering from problems with their bite as a result of shifting teeth, trauma, or disease may greatly benefit from orthodontic treatment.

The process of an orthodontic screening is quick and easy. In fact, you may not even be aware that you are having a screening. During your bi-annual checkups and cleanings with your dentist and dental hygienist, they will evaluate your occlusion by observing whether you bite over, under, cross or edge to edge. The way you bite is very critical because malocclusion can lead to several problems including, but not limited to, problems related to your TMJ and mild to severe tooth wear. If it is determined that you could benefit from orthodontic treatment, we will then develop a custom treatment plan based on our observations and findings. In some instances, the treatment may be as simple as an occlusal guard, or it may be more involved such as a full orthodontic treatment. Regardless of age or issue, our dental office is focused on providing the best possible dental care to all of our patients. With this in mind, we believe that our patients deserve the most comprehensive dental service that we can provide. In addition to the medical and health history evaluations, we also consider optimal dental function, which includes orthodontic screenings. Since orthodontic treatment involves more than just aesthetics, but also functional aspects of the teeth, we believe that orthodontic screenings are very important for all our patients.

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